Back Pain O’Connor

Built using WordPress, this website features instructional videos demonstrating a series of therapeutic manoeuvres for treating back pain called The O’Connor Technique. There is a membership section which has restricted content only accessible with a paid monthly subscription. All of the videos are hosted on a Pro Account which protects the videos from user downloads, and guarantees compatibility across all devices.


As this is a medical website I wanted to give a clean, safe pleasant user experience. I limited the color pallet to slightly under-saturated colors of blue, green & purple, to represent health, cleanliness and trust.

After several iterations and I settled on utilizing my color scheme further to create a 3 Step process for navigating the content of the website. An introduction, this sets forth an understanding of what to expect from the paid content on this website; a video that illustrates to the viewer an example of the quality of information presented; and then the opportunity to purchase a membership subscription to attain the information desired to relieve the viewers back pain.

Screen Layout Composition

I made use of these 3 main colors for directing navigation throughout the website combined with a slightly off-white background to ease viewing strain. This provides a very clean, clear and easy to understand interface. I was diligent with my spacing between the different page elements so that each title, image, video and text block is within sight of the next but just far enough away that it can stand by it’s own without distraction.

Back Pain Logo

I was commissioned to design a new logo for this website. Keeping with the minimal, subtle colors of this website I sketched out a few ideas and worked on our chosen favourite. I began with an outline of a person and to represent backpain I colored the spine red and added a slightly exaggerated curve to it to demonstrate further stress on the spine.

Banner Slideshow

I created a banner header for this website to be a little eye catching, but being mindful to keep with the calm theme of this website design I didn’t make the introduction too flashy. Simple yet effective, it sets the tone for professionalism, stylish and simplicity. The entire banner is composed of separate text and image elements and so it is context sensitive; meaning that search engines like Google are able to read the text directly, if the text was saved as an image or worse embedded into an Adobe Flash animation then search engines would not be able to understand the text and it would lose points for SEO.

Membership Subscriptions

My client wanted a subscription membership section on the website which provided a copy of his book in HTML format and The O’Connor Technique treatment videos to be stored behind a paywall. Visitors can register on the website using a debit or credit card, payments are set up on an automatic recurring billing which debits the customers card every month. The customer can cancel at anytime from their user account on the website. There are also options to pro-rate and fees, offer refunds or free trials to new customers.

Custom Accordion Information Map

We recorded three introductory videos that explained the basis of The O’Connor Technique to people suffering from spinal pain in one of the three main areas of the spine; neck, thoracic and lumbar. Making use of JavaScript libraries for displaying information using ‘accordions’ I developed a custom image map for the visitor to use in order to watch the relevant video to their spinal pain location. The visitor can highlight the area of their pain on the image map click and the video content will dynamically appear.

Video Galleries

An extensive video library was needed for both the instructional treatment videos and in-office testimonial videos. I set up a Pro account with the video service to host all of the videos online. This service provides unlimited bandwidth and takes care of distribution and automatic video conversion so that videos can be watched on any desktop or mobile device. It is now very easy for my client to take a video using their cell phone, upload it to Vimeo and then add it directly to the website in the video gallery.


SEO Management

As I develop each website I keep SEO best practices in mind. For example I ensure that there is only ever one H1 tag per page, and that most if not all images have good descriptors in their meta tags (Google has stopped observing meta keywords however) and I optimize all code and images to improve page speed as best I can.

Weekly Backups

I provide a service of making weekly backups for the 12 months for all websites that I develop, after that I charge a yearly fee for this service or it is included for free with my web hosting plans. I keep encrypted backups of all files and database in at least 3 separate locations located around the globe; two of which on different servers and another copy on a local offline hard drive that I keep in a safe. This ensures that should your website be compromised, accidentally deleted or fall victim to a major catastrophe it will be possible to recover all files from the previous week.

Google Analytics

It is important to know your visitors demographics, behaviour on your website and how many are visiting and when. Google provides these tools to use for free. I set up and link these reports directly to each of my clients Google accounts and advise on best industry practices to make the most of the data and how to improve page views.